USCIS Flexibility in Response to COVID-19

Despite many proposed changes negatively impacting the immigration process, USCIS has implemented in the last several months several measured to alleviate some of the difficulties arising from closed field office operations, timely filing, and signature requirements. Some of the measures include the following: (1) Allowing an additional 60 days to respond to additional requests for evidence for those issued between March 01 and September 11, 2020; (2) Allowance of the use of electronic PERM labor certifications; (3)

The reuse of previously submitted biometrics to process certain I-765 and I-539 extension requests; (4) Some additional flexibility in documentary requirements for I-9 compliance; (5) Grant of 30-day discretionary departure for those visa waiver applicants unable to depart before their scheduled expiration of stay; and (6) USCIS flexibility allowing electronically scanned or reproduced signatures in lieu of wet signatures.

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